As entrepreneurs, we are always searching for something to give us an edge over the competition. Whether it is having the best employees, finding the best software programs, taking the best online courses, or even living in the best location, we’ll do anything if we think it will make a difference.

Thankfully, the quickest and easiest way to level up your game has always been through learning. With this list, you’ll jumpstart your way to greatness.

1. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F@#K– Mark Manson

Author Mark Manson tells us how it is important to not allow ourselves to attach emotion to information. When leading a company or team, we constantly receive feedback from all angles, and we will need to accept this and filter it for the useful bits of data. By remaining unattached emotionally, you can keep yourself grounded.

2. Giveand Take — Adam Grant

When you’re running a business, often you get too caught up in the “taking” – whether it’s taking customers, taking funding, taking recognition, etc. Instead, Grant shows us that there’s another way — we can give, without expecting anything in return. Find out how companies like Zappos are becoming successful using this strategy.

3. Lies My Teacher Told Me — James Lohen

While many people wouldn’t expect this book to appear on this list, is here for a simple reason: as leaders, we need to understand the art of propaganda. We don’t always have all the information we need — and what we have is often flawed. By showing us that much of the knowledge we thought we knew is wrong, it urges us to go deeper.

4. A Short History of Nearly Everything — Bill Bryson

Bryson’s text is like Cliff’s Notes to life, the universe, and everything. By reading it, you’re sure to be able to converse on nearly any topic — an important skill for any leader.

5. The Soul of Money– Lynne Twist

Twist gives us an insight into our connection to money, and what attitudes that creates in each of us. By aligning our relationship to money with specific goals, she gives us a framework for future success.

6.The Money Code: Free, Wise & Rich– RaimonSamso

This bookoffers a simple concept: what does it take to have financial freedom? To answer that question, it goes into the belief systems people build up around money, and their habits, emotions and the decisions they make. It’s a worthwhile read for any entrepreneur.

7.Beyond Reason– Roger Fisher

Based on the five core concerns that people have — affiliation, autonomy, role, status, and appreciation — Fisher guides you in understanding how people tick. This gives you a simple way to not forget these things and learn how to negotiate with others.

8. Peak Performance — Brad Stulberg

Are you someone who insists that you are most productive when you work 80 or 90 hours a week? That you only need 4 hours of sleep a night? Here isthe scientific evidence provided to show what the “peak” performance is for people like you, whatever you do, and how to achieve it.

9. I’m Not Hanging Noodles on Your Ears and Other Intriguing Idioms From Around the World– Jag Balla

Have you ever heard an expression that you didn’t understand? Perhaps you do business with people in another country — or are planning to. Balla provides an excellent resource for business and personal use, as it teaches you the art of what and not to say.

10.The E-Myth– Michael Gerber

In this important book for every entrepreneur, author Michael Gerber goes through all the stages of a business, from infancy through maturity. By fully understanding his process, you’ll be able to recognize the signs in your own, and be better equipped to handle everything that comes with each.

11. Ready Player One– Ernest Cline

An instant sci-fi classic by Ernest Cline, this book (and movie) is important for every entrepreneur to read. It tells the story of a not-too-distant future that is fairly realistic in scope. If ever you’ve had trouble with “future-casting”, let this book do it for you.